Questions & Answers

So how does all of this work?

It actually starts with you! Choose your date and an awesome venue, then book it! Next, please register and create an account on our website and Contact Us! 🙂

Of course, your venue and more importantly, your theme will determine which items and props will be essential to orchestrate your vision. We will then endeavor to provide you with the appropriate décor items and pieces tailored to your event. Get to know More About Us and Our Services!

Check out Our Collection and add pieces to your Favorites. Send us your list, along with the event date and theme, then expect a customized quote in your inbox. This will include availability, pricing, and other important details. And as our way of saying Thank You for booking with us, the items in the quoted proposal will be temporarily reserved for a period of ten days from the sent date at no charge. It will expire at such time without a deposit.

When should I reserve items?

As most of our items are one-of-a kind, it is highly recommended reserving your favorite pieces as early as possible. To ensure that your items are in attendance on your event date, we do require a 50% non-refundable deposit along with a signed agreement and a credit card on file. We will need to receive these by the tenth day of the original quote date, after which the items will become available to other interested clients.

I’d like to reserve items now but may want to change them later. Would I be able to do so?

Of course! You are more than welcome to make changes to your order up to 14 days prior to your booked date, along with the provision it does not decrease by more than 10%. Please note that additions to your order are subject to availability as most of our items are one-of-a kind.

Do you deliver?

Yes, we do! Delivery charges are determined by location (distance to your venue) and size of your order. It is typically 15-20% of the rental order which covers gas, mileage, equipment, including basic setup and teardown. Please note that styling and design are added options.

Am I able to pick up my order?

Yes, but since some items are more delicate and fragile than others, it will be on as arranged basis depending on the rented items.

How long is the rental period?

Each order is scheduled for a 24-hour rental period. Need it longer? Just let us know and we’d be more than happy to work out something.

Is there a minimum order requirement?

There is a $250 minimum order for Will Call and $500 minimum order for Delivery.

Could the rental items stay outside overnight?

Vintage items usually don’t like dew and are anxious around outdoor critters! If your event is outdoors, setup and teardown is done on the same day.

What if it rains during my outdoor event?

We most certainly hope the day of your event is just perfect! We all however, know that things do happen when you least expect it and that even the most well-planned soiree will often not go on without a hitch. Thus, please do have a Plan B, in case Plan A gets derailed. Our curated pieces are not akin to wet weather!

What if a rental item is damaged or gets lost?

Don’t sweat it! There is a built-in 10% damage waiver into your order to cover minor damage as well as expected wear and tear. Should the item need professional repair or cleaning, the charge will only be for cost of such. Should the item get lost or damaged beyond repair, we will invoice you up to five times the rental rate and charge your credit card on file.

What forms of payment are accepted? And how are payments processed?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, PayPal, and Cash. Payments are processed online via our secure website. Please note there will be a 3% surcharge on credit cards. Whatever the case may be, we will definitely work with your budget.

Where are you located? Am I able to see your inventory in person?

We are a small business enterprise (for now) and currently do not have a showroom but we do have an office located in Riverside, California that is easily accessible from the 91 Fwy. And of course, we could schedule a convenient day and time for you and arrange to meet your Favorites! 🙂

I’m planning on a photoshoot and would really like to borrow some of your pieces!

Absolutely! Please contact us right away to book a date. And subject to availability, it is complimentary with your order! We just ask that you please give/post appropriate credit and share professional photographs for use in social media. Please Contact Us for more info.

I have a few vintage items I’m looking to sell; would you be interested?

Indeed! We’d love to see them. We’re always on the lookout for unique items to add to our collection. Please contact us with details, along with a couple of photos of the items and we’ll be in touch.

Just what is styling and design?

Details, Details, Details! That’s what it’s all about! It’s everything that makes your event uniquely yours! Think about all those picture-perfect imageries you’ve seen on Pinterest, blogs, and magazines. Those are all styled and designed. The pieces are meticulously chosen, brought together, and skillfully set up to create a cohesive look for a rendering of a specific theme.

And as you have already chosen your favorite pieces, we are here to help you cleverly stage them for a unified and consistent expression of your concept. It’s all about you and your amazing ideas!

Our specialty comes alive with themed events. From the invitations, signage, place cards, head table to dessert table décor, place settings, centerpieces, and everything in between, we will create! If we don’t have it, we will find it and acquire it for you! And to give you our undivided personal attention and authentic exclusivity, we will only accept one themed event each season. We’d truly be honored to help make your special event stylish, glitzy, and a most unique, forever memorable experience for you and your guests!