No More Humdrum Events!


Vintage Stuff & Things always go the extra mile in tending to all your event décor needs and wants. Although our inventory is somewhat meager, our ability to hunt and unearth just the right essential piece for your event is boundless with a plenitude of resources, along with partner enterprises. Additionally, we would also be more than happy to create custom pieces for your themed event should you so desire. Your options are only limited by your imagination!

And as our focus is directly aimed at details, our pieces resonate with that maxim. Indeed, good things come in small packages! Our items can be packaged/bundled together to suit your theme with or without custom-made décor or even just rented a-la-carte. We are here for you to hopefully help make your event experience a lot less stressful and frustrating.  To enjoy a sneak-peak to what we have to offer, head on over to our inventory page for an awe-inspiring collection!


Love all our décor items but unsure on how to display and present them to be breathtakingly beautiful? Worry not because we have got your back! VST provides design and style services to help you pull that event off successfully! Our creative ideas will help capture your concept for a dynamic experience.

Delivery & Set-Up

Engineering an event is a big production of sorts! There are a variety of moving parts that must be synchronized to get absolute results. One misstep could quite possibly be utter pandemonium! Let VST be your sidekick! Prompt delivery and setup eases the worry of timeliness to keep up with your schedule.


Got a vision in mind for your event? Let’s huddle and commiserate over a cup of coffee or sweet treats to help us think outside the proverbial box!

It won’t even cost you a dime 🙂 Let’s Connect